Lewisham Wednesday Pool League


  1. Formation

    The Lewisham Wednesday Pool League was formed in 1993 as a friendly League consisting of teams within a minimum cab fare from the Lewisham Clock Tower.

    The original sponsor of the League was Lewisham Leisure.

    At the start of the League Teams consisted of 8 players. This was subsequently changed to 6 by a majority decision at the Summer 1996 AGM.

  2. Management

    The League, is managed by a Committee which is elected for one year Every member of the Committee, except for such Honorary positions as may from time to time be created, shall be elected at the AGM.

    The Committee shall consist of a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and 2 representatives from each Division. The Committee may co-opt extra members during the season should that prove necessary.

  3. Meetings

    At AGMs and other League Meetings all motions should be notified to the Committee in advance in writing and must be proposed and seconded before they are discussed and voted on.

    Each Team shall be allowed one vote. In the event of a tie the Chairman shall have the casting vote.

    It shall take a 2/3rds majority to overturn a previous decision.

  4. Disputes

    Any disputes should be made in writing to the League Secretary. The Committee will discuss the dispute allowing representations from all relevant parties. The Committee’s decision shall be final, however they may elect to put the matter before the whole League, with a recommendation, in which case the League Meeting’s decision shall be final.

  5. Rules of the Game

    The Rules of the Game of Pool may only be varied at an AGM.

    All venues should have an up to date set of rules and constitution on display.

  1. Registration

    All players must be registered at or before their first game. Up to 14 players may be registered at any one time but only 10 Trophies allowed each team though Teams may pay for extra trophies if needed. Registration sheets should be sent to the League Secretary and should arrive no later than the Monday following the first match. Any team failing to send in the sheet by the Monday following the third match shall be liable to a fine of £5. YOU MUST ONLY SIGN FOR ONE AND ONE TEAM ONLY. Add and delete sheets should also arrive no later than the Monday following the first match that they apply to.

    Players may only register before the first scheduled match of the second half of the season except with the approval of the Committee which would only be granted if a team was having difficulty fielding a full team.

    Professional 8-ball pool players are not eligible to play in this League.

  2. Transfers

    Players may only transfer between teams before the first scheduled match in the second half of the Season and only with the written consent of both Captains. The transfer must also be approved by the Committee, such approval not being unreasonably withheld.

  3. Teams dropping out

    If a Team drops out then all scores against them are null and void and remaining fixtures involving that Team are treated as byes

  4. Match Night

    The Match is to consist of 2 sessions of 5 Singles. A Team winning with 6 or more frames will receive 3 points. If the match ends up 5-5 then each Team will get one point and there will be a single frame tie break for an extra point.

    The table should be made available to the visiting team at 8:15 pm. At 8:25 pm the balls should be racked ready for the match to start at 8:30 pm. A team arriving after 8:30 is not allowed any warm up time on the table.

    Names for the first session will be written separately by each team then combined on the Results Sheet, by 8:30.

    If a Team has less than 5 players then the Blank or Blanks must come at the end. The Team that is short may not choose which of the opposing players does not have a game.

    If players for the opposing team are not present when their game is due to start then one game may be claimed for every 10 minutes of waiting. (If, for example, the 4
    th and 5th players were not present after the end of the 3rd Frame then the 4th player would have 10 minutes after which the Frame would be forfeit, if the 5th player was still not present then another 10 minutes would be allowed before that Frame was also forfeit.)

    The opposing team must produce at least 3 players by 8:45 pm or forfeit the entire match.

    The Home Team is responsible for making the balls available for play for each frame, including re-racks.

    The order of play may only be varied by the agreement of both Captains.

    Break is decided by the toss of a coin or, if both Captains agree, by lag. Break for the next 9 frames alternates. Each frame will be refereed by a member of the Team that isn't breaking in that frame.

    After the completion of the first session the names for the second session are written down separately by each Team and combined on the Results Sheet as for the first session.

    If the Tie Break frame is required the each Team will write their player down separately. The break for this frame is by the Team that broke in the first frame.

    After the match the two Captains will play each other the break being decided by toss of a coin or a lag. At the end of the season the captain with most wins will get a trophy. If one captain isn't there the one who is will get the point. If neither captain is there then no points are scored. There is no possibility of postponement of the Captains' frame.

    If a team leaves without completing a match this shall be deemed to be a “No Show”. This is to prevent a team leaving as soon as they have won 6 frames in a League match which is considered to be unfair to the home landlord. (This does not include the situation where a team is unable to play a game because a player is missing.)

    If an appeal results in the score becoming 5-5 then the team that had most frames docked are deemed to have lost the Tie Break.

  5. No Show

    If the Team does not show up for a match then the Opposing Team will be given a 7-0 win.

    In the event of a team failing to turn up for a match without giving 24 hours notice to their opponents a fine of £20 will be imposed. If away team the fine is paid to the home team to cover the cost of food. If the home team then the fine is to be paid to the League Treasurer.

    Any team that “No Shows” twice in the same half of the season may be expelled from the League.

  6. League Table

    A Team will receive 3 points for a win of 6 or more points. In the event of a draw each team will receive 1 point and there shall be a deciding frame for an additional point.

    The order of the League Table shall be by the number of Points followed by the number of wins followed by number of frames won. When these are equal then the order will be determined alphabetically by name except at the end of the season when the aggregate points from when the two teams played each other shall be taken into account. If this is still equal and a trophy is at stake then the committee may order a play off to resolve the situation.

  7. Results Notification

    Both Teams should notify the League of the result by the Thursday following the Match by phone, text message, email or by using the web site. The Winning Team should send the results sheet to arrive by 9pm on the Monday following the match or forfeit the points.

  8. Singles & Doubles Knockout

    Venues for these Competitions are chosen according to whether members of the Team(s) have entered. (i.e. if no players from a Team enter then their Venue will not be considered.

    Singles and Doubles knockout matches must be played at the designated venue and must be played on, or before, the set date. In very exceptional circumstances the Committee may agree a deviation.

    During the early rounds players will be allocated to Venues by a random draw. From the Quarter Finals onwards a Neutral Venue will be selected and only Venues with satisfactory tables and playing areas will be considered.

    Both players in a Doubles Team must be registered to the same Team. To avoid problems with transfers the Doubles Knockout will not start until after the transfer deadline.

    Doubles will be “Scotch Doubles”.

  9. Team Knockout

    All Team Knockout matches will be played at Neutral Venues. From the Quarter Finals onwards only Venues with satisfactory tables and playing areas will be considered. The Team Knockout will not start until after the transfer deadline.

    Both Teams write their singles names on separate sheets and combine them on the Results Sheet.

  10. Discipline

    Threats made to League Officials acting in the course of their duties, or opposing players will not be tolerated. The Committee shall take appropriate action should such threats be
    made including the expulsion of an individual or, in extreme cases, an entire team.

  11. Additional Deposit

    Any team that has dropped out in a previous season or failed to send in registration sheets or failed to phone in results or send in results sheets may be asked, at the Committee’s discretion, for an additional deposit, not to exceed the entry fee, refundable at the end of the season dependant on observing the League’s requirements.
    Note: A new publican, Captain or Representative should not be penalised for the behaviour of the previous incumbent, neither should someone who has behaved badly in the past be given a fresh start simply because they have moved venue.

  12. Postponement

    Matches should be played when they are scheduled. In exceptional circumstances a match may be postponed with the agreement of the opposing Captain provided at least 48 hours notice is given.
    Note: The opposing Captain is under no obligation to agree but if a postponement is agreed then the opposing Captain cannot later claim a No Show.

    A spare date will be allocated at the end of the League Season for unplayed matches.

  13. Shields

    A number of shields have gone missing which reduces the amount of money available for trophies. It is the responsibility of the Player to ensure that the shield reaches the Venue. Thereafter it is the Publican's responsibility. If a shield is lost the League will ask the Player or Publican, as appropriate, to pay for the replacement.

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